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Men's Health - Bridging the Gap

At Corebasics, we understand that the subject of Men`s Health is an intricate and sensitive matter. More than often, men endure in silence certain health issues that can be negatively impacting health and debilitating, as they are too embarrassed to seek help or unaware that there are effective treatments available.

Accordingly, we strive to break this silence and help bridge the gap for our valued gents to find a physiotherapist that has the expertise and necessary specialized training to improve their quality of life.

Within a comfortable, discreet and confidential atmosphere, we offer our valued gents an innovative and evidence-based practice in men`s health and pelvic floor physical therapy.

Our therapists are real experts in treating gents with various men`s health problems, most notable of which are:

    • Urinary leakage after prostate surgery is a common complaint! Are you aware that physiotherapy can help you recover?
    • Did you know that starting these exercises before surgery is most effective? Prostate removal surgery for prostatic enlargement or cancer can be a difficult journey both emotionally and physically for many men. Loss of bladder control may happen after prostate surgery and is definitely disturbing. Good news is that bladder control can improve over time and with physiotherapy.
    • With the removal of the prostate your main control mechanism can be impaired and this eventually may induce a bladder leakage. The pelvic floor - a part of your bladder control mechanism – can be stimulated to play a greater role to compensate for this.

    • How we can help
    • Advanced research, backed up by clinical evidence show that pelvic floor muscle training reduces urinary leakage after prostate surgery, and when this training is initiated before the planned surgery, the severity of bladder leakage and the time it takes to restore bladder control are both reduced.
    • This is where our expertise prevails; at Corebasics, our therapists will design a personalized pelvic health rehabilitation program tailored for you. We work in close coordination with your treating Urologist to achieve the best possible outcomes for you so that you can enjoy life to the best.
    • We will walk with you during your journey towards restoring health and guide you in every step through:
      • Thorough clinical assessment to establish your pelvic floor needs and treatment plan
      • Design of a personalized pelvic floor muscle exercise program
      • Supervision of your rehabilitation program progression and modification according to your health advancement
      • Offering advice about lifestyle modifications for the post-surgery period and guidance for safe return to normal daily activities.
    • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common complaint among men due to various emotional and physical reasons. It may affect otherwise healthy men due to the aging process, stress, lack of physical exercise, obesity, and also men who have illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. It goes without saying that decline of sexual performance is distressing and can affect sexual intimacy, self-esteem, confidence, relationships and quality of life.
    • Truly said, the pelvic floor muscles in men play an important role in gaining and maintaining an erection. Scientific evidence proves that men with strong pelvic floor muscles have better erectile function. Accordingly, pelvic floor physical therapy can play a major role in treating erectile dysfunction, especially when conducted by trained and compassionate specialists.
    • Millions of men worldwide are affected by this, which shows has symptoms of pain in their low back or pelvic regions, and sometimes frequent urination and pain with ejaculation. These symptoms can be linked to dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles (particularly the obturator internus and levator ani muscles which play a role in sexual functions, as well as bladder and bowl control).
    • When these muscles are too tight it can induce pain, not to mention urinary, bowel, and sexual dysfunction. Pelvic health physical therapy targets these muscles, strengthening them, relieving tightness and pain. Our therapists apply advanced and effective therapeutic modalities and manual therapy techniques to alleviate pain and increase mobility of the pelvis, thus helping to restore normal function to shortened, tight pelvic floor muscles.
    • The benefits are not just physical. Patients grow more confident, healthy, and happy as they return to the activities that they may have avoided due to their pelvic health issues.
    • Rectal pain can be caused by an insult to the rectum, surgery, infections of the pelvis or prostatitis, tailbone pain (Coccydynia), and muscle spasm, among others.
    • Physical Therapy treatment for rectal/anal pain includes treatment of muscles and joints which may be causing the pelvic floor muscles to spasm and become overactive. It involves releasing soft tissue tightness in pelvic region to reduce muscular pain and spasm.

    • Treatment options vary by condition and may include:
      • Manual therapy
      • Pelvic floor muscle neuromuscular re-education, coordination and strength training
      • Lumbo-pelvic stabilization exercises, core strengthening and flexibility training
      • Patient education (dietary, activity modification, behavioral, postural)
      • Relaxation techniques
      • Biofeedback (internal and external)
      • Modalities (electrical stimulation, heat therapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound)
      • Comprehensive home exercise program instructions
    • The prostate gland, which contributes with a major part of the fluid that provides nutrients to sperms, can be the cause of some big problems for men. Prostatitis, for example, is an inflammation of the prostate that can cause pelvic pain and make urination difficult. Chronic prostatitis, in particular, has received a lot of research and scientific evidence proves that many cases of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) are related to pelvic floor muscles and not caused by problems with the prostate itself.
    • Physiotherapy can relieve the symptoms of chronic prostatitis by correcting muscle imbalances through the stretching and strengthening of the muscles in the hips, abdomen and pelvic floor.
    • Our attending experienced therapist will conduct a thorough clinical assessment to evaluate the function of your pelvic floor muscles, then he will work with you to create an individualized treatment program aiming at decreasing the pain and restoration of functionality.
    • Treatments can include myofascial trigger point release of the pelvic floor muscles, relaxation and strengthening exercises, biofeedback, deep tissue massage, electro-stimulation sessions, as well as specific home exercises training.
    • The incidence of hypogonadism or “low Testosterone,” which is usually considered the male equivalent for female menopause, increases with age, the presence of diseases or disorders and the treatment of prostate cancer. When the body is unable to produce adequate amounts of needed testosterone, this can negatively affect bone density, red blood cell production, sex drive, muscle mass and body fat distribution.
    • Exercise is one of the safest and effective alternatives to hormone therapy when managing patients with low levels of testosterone. Evidence points to the minimal appearance of treatment-related side effects as a result of combination fitness training programs assigned to prostate cancer survivors undergoing androgen deprivation/suppression therapy.
    • Combination fitness training is also used to reduce fatigue, support adequate bone density levels, build muscle mass, maintain the pelvic floor strength, is a drug-free solution to enhance overall wellness and improve quality of life.
    • At Corebasics, personalized exercise programs are implemented after a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation for our valued patient is done. Our trained therapists dedicate their effort and time to get you back on track which shows in the form of substantial improvement after each session.
    • Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders among men of various age groups worldwide. For some men, the struggle to increase ejaculatory latency time can occur at any time after puberty and last a lifetime unless control of the pelvic floor musculature is attained. Pelvic floor muscle imbalance and premature ejaculation are known to coexist with and as a result, may cause depression, relationship stress, decreased self-confidence and thus, impair quality of life.
    • Recent research results offer novel therapeutic tactics for patients seeking effective drug-free solutions. Restorative pelvic floor muscle exercises for optimal pelvic floor wellness and overall well-being can help gents to overcome the issues of premature ejaculation.
    • At Corebasics, recognizing and performing functional pelvic floor muscle assessments and providing appropriate patient care management and rehabilitation are our main priorities.

Why choose us?

We offer you a comprehensive array of clinical care that comprises strategies and interventions to promote and advance the health in men of all ages.

Corebasics is the hub for physical therapists with advanced training in men’s health who are specialized in evaluating and treating the low back, pelvis and pelvic floor region. They are certified in Men`s Health Physical Therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and who have received internationally-recognized degrees in pelvic physical therapy.

Each physical therapy appointment is one-on-one with an expert physical therapist. We offer you tailored treatment plans designed around the diagnosis and your own goals. Our center offers comfortable, private treatment rooms and a friendly, compassionate staff.



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