Dr. Mona Moussa

Dr. Mona Moussa is a registered Physiotherapist with DHA and DHCC (UAE). She graduated from Beirut Arab University with a first class Bachelor`s degree in Physiotherapy in Lebanon in 2014 and completed a Doctor`s degree of Physiotherapy in Health Science faculty in Lebanon (DPT) degree approved by World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) in 2016.

Mona has over four year experience in the field of Physiotherapy. She has a history of working with people with complex musculoskeletal conditions.

Special interests include:

  • Back and Neck pain disorders
  • Shoulder, arm, hand pain management
  • Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pain, Elbow conditions (Golfer`s or Tennis elbow)
  • Hip and knee disorders
  • Foot, heel pain and ankle injuries, muscle/joints sprains/strains/fracture
  • Lower limb rehabilitation: ACL reconstruction
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Management of a chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis
  • Stretching, mobilizing and manipulative techniques
  • Functional strength and conditioning

Dr. Mona Moussa participated in lots of advance trainings and seminars:

  • May 8th-10th 2015: Participated in: “Analysis and Management of Lumbar Spine and Pelvic Management Workshop” “Manual Therapy” organized by center for continuing and professional education for 20 hr in Beirut-Lebanon.
  • March 4th, 2016: Participated in the Symposium of the Lebanese Society for the Study of Pain “Pain and Inflammation Management: Frozen Shoulder.
  • April 5th 2011: Participated in: “Analysis and Management of Ankle Sprain.
  • June 2016 Participated in: “Analysis and Management of Neck Spondylosis.

Mona consistently thrives to evolve her practice by merging the most current, evidence based literature with a holistic approach. She is passionate about her work and takes pride in connecting with her patients as they embark on their healing journeys.

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